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Meal Information

Graduation Requirements

Idaho Graduation Requirements


Subject Area Credits
Language Arts and Communication 9
Math 6
Science 6
World History 2
US History 2
Government 2
Consumer Economics 1
Health 1
Computer Applications 1
9th PE 2
12th PE 2
Humanities 2
Elective Credits 10
Total 46


  • Students must take the SAT, ACT, or COMPASS exam.
  • Students must take the iSAT language arts, math, and reading exams.
  • Students must take and pass a Civics exam.
  • Students must complete an "End of Course" science exam in either Biology or Chemistry.
  • Kootenai High School requirement: Students must complete a senior project.



Admission Requirements - Idaho Public Colleges/Universities

To enroll at Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College, or the University of Idaho, you must graduate from an accredited high school. You must obtain the following credits with at least a 2.00 GPA.


Subject Area Credits
English 8
Math 6
Social Science 5
Natural Science 6
Humanities/Foreign Language 2
Other College Preparation 3
Total 30


Entrance Exams: In addition to the specified course requirements, applicants for admission to Idaho's public college and universities must submit ACT,SAT, or Compass test scores.